My Difficulties with Blogging

Blogging isn’t easy.

The biggest challenge, I believe, is the decide precisely how much information to put into each post.

There’s the temptation to treat a blog post like any other sort of writing – e.g. long, carefully written, painstakingly proofread, etc. There’s a lot of benefit to that, since people appreciate quality.

But if one establishes an expectation of excellent content-  in oneself – it becomes nigh on impossible to actually produce it (apart from intrinsic motivation; but there are so many other things to do, it falls down the list). And that situation is worse than no content at all.

I believe the best solution is to create lower quality (shorter) posts. I suppose you could call it the “Scoble Method” – posts of around 300 words each, very often. I wouldn’t advise going to that extreme, however.

Of course, you still need high quality content. But it should be rarer, and shored up by “blurbs” – working thoughts and observations that eventually turn into longer, theory-articulation posts.

I’m going to try that. It will give me an opportunity to write more – which I need to do – and experiment with different styles in a non-graded situation.

And, just to make sure my blog posts aren’t too short, I’ve begun using Twitter.

So, once again: high hopes. Let’s see if I can manage the necessary dedication in face of so many other tasks.

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