Two Things

  1. It’s unbelievable: I haven’t added a blog post in nearly a year. Worse, I have no excuse – writing is an activity I both enjoy and want to improve at; additionally, I’ve had a sufficiently interesting year to provide me with decent writing material.
  2. MediaTemple Grid Hosting is slow. Really, unforgivably slow. Really, I (i) opened Word, (ii) registered by blog account, and (iii) typed this before the Add New Post page finished loading. I realize I don’t get much traffic – 100 hits a month? – but that’s unforgiveable. Frankly I should move off them entirely for simple hosting like this, but I might shift to a (ve) server since migrating would be helluva lot easier.

Post Revisions:

  • Looking forward to seeing what pops up here.

    • Same here! Take your own advice from 2007!

      • haha @ digging up a post of mine from 2007. I have some rather embarrassing things in my archives.

        I have a thing about taking my own advice. Which is a shame, because I think I generally give pretty good advice. Maybe. Sometimes.